Choosing a Domain Name

Given how long the internet has been around, you will probably think it’s impossible to find a domain name in this day and age. While it might be more challenging, it’s certainly not impossible to get a good, market-friendly domain.

What is a market-friendly domain?

  • One that’s easy to remember 
  • One that’s related to your market
  • Preferably one that doesn’t contain a hyphen

Chances are the name of your business will be unique. In our case, Bald Head Guru existed as a name before we bought the domain. Luckily, the domain was available. Had it not been, I would have first investigated to see if the name was being used for a similar business or any business at all. There is a chance that someone may have bought the domain just to park it.

What you will find if you have not already, is that buying domains is an industry. Some people buy domains that they anticipate that others might one day be interested in, in the hopes of selling them at a profit when that time comes.

Personally, I would avoid spending big money on a domain. I would rather get creative and find an alternative to the name or find a new domain altogether. This of course depends on how important the name is to you.

How much you should spend will also depend on what stage your business currently is. If you have already invested in the brand, then it will be more important for you to get a domain that uses that brand name. However, if you are at the pre-launch stage of your business, you may even want to consider a different name.

In my case, if wasn’t available, I would have searched for alternatives that include terms related to the market I’m in. Such as Baldheadguruseo, baldheadguruonline or something along those lines.

As I looked to buy the domain early in the business creation process, I was able to be flexible enough to look for a new domain if necessary.

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It might also be worth considering what is likely to be the next wave of technology…blockchain. There is a new class of domains coming out now featuring .crypto and .zil extensions available to buy from Unstoppable Domains.

As these are new, there will be more domains available and if you have been following blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, then you will have an idea of how big this next wave of technology can be.

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