You will want to get used to saying thank you for your feedback if you are going to go into business for yourself. It won’t always be welcomed or even requested but trust me, it will come.

Having an attitude of gratitude for whatever feedback comes your way will help you to avoid feeling frustrated when people are overly negative. The key thing to remember is not to take things personally.

Easier said than done I know, but it is important for your own well being and state of mind that you make a distinction between you and the business…..unless of course, you are the business.

Many times, people will project their own negativity onto you and your business. The tone of  the feedback may not have anything at all to do with their experience with your business but rather with something else that’s going on with them. People tend to see negative things in others because of the way they feel about themselves. 

Even though sometimes it will have absolutely nothing to do with your business, you shouldn’t  dismiss any of it. Look for the positive in what people say and always try to find a learning point.

The key though, no matter how harsh the feedback is, is finding that strength to keep going. You started your business journey because you believed in something. You were inspired by an idea. You owe it to that inspiration to see it through to the end.

When someone says “That will never work”, respond with thank you for your feedback. Then just  just smile and think about the countless times throughout history when this statement has been proven wrong.

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